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Why Publishers Want Authors with Agents

There are many barriers authors must face on their road to publishing their works, the largest one being penetrating the publishing forcefield. If you’re a struggling author, you may have encountered a publishing blockade that required you to have an agent before a publisher would even look at your work, and while it may have been discouraging, its a good thing so take advantage of this.


The main reason publishers often won’t accept unsolicited submissions from authors without agents is, simply put, filtering. Publishers have to go through hundreds of manuscripts which is an arduous task; most of that time is spent zeroing out horrible writing and unsellable content. This is where an agent come sin.

Agents won’t accept manuscripts if they are written badly, and they will also need to have a place to take the manuscript with a viable selling plan. Continue reading

Introducing Documentary Reviews

C.J. Leger mainly reviews books in genres of her field, however, we will now be bringing you reviews on controversial and inspiring documentaries that reach our desk. As a writer, C.J. Leger was first a journalist before an author and this aspect of such a foundation to the writer is deserving of a role here on CJLeger.

Our first review will be on “The Search for Michael Rockefeller”, a story that has lived in a cloud of mystery, awe and disbelief around the world. After the launch of such riveting new facts and footage, it is astounding to find the Michael may have very well been alive 8 years after his disappearance in New Guinea. Our review and coverage will shed light on this forgotten tale of cannibalism, tragedy, and abandonment.

Stay tuned for our segment on this amazing topic and documentary.

The key to success in the global workplace is being culturally fluent

Author Brian Freeman liked Our Review on Immoral!

As I have always stated before, I do not like authors who do not connect with the readers. And this is exactly the reason why I love Brian Freeman as an author. So, one of our favorite books happens to be Immoral by Brian Freeman; it’s the first in the series collection of Detective Jonathan Stride.

We recently did a review on Immoral and posted it to our Twitter page, and that very same day Author Brian Freeman and his lovely wife read our review and liked our post. I was more than humbled when he took the time to retweeted it.

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We wanted to bring this to our readers and thank the author for engaging with me. I’m a firm believer in engaging with our readers and bringing you updates on everything that goes on with us, because in the end, reading is a time consuming activity, and those who choose to do this rather than watching TV (which would be easier) deserve to be a part of the stories they help bring to life. Without readers, there would be no one to write for. Thanks for being a part of my journey!

Book Review: Immoral by Brian Freeman

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A difficult relationship between a deviously malicious teenage daughter and her mother center this book, and the relationships she harbors and spirits she destroys jerk your mind into having real opinions about these people. The book will take you across the country and join everyone into a web of crazy truths that will leave you saying “No F****ng Way” page after page! You’ll look forward to following rugged Jonathan Stride through his torn life of solving crimes and balancing love, while at the same time, becoming immersed in the lived of these characters, which are described very much like real-life personalities.

I don’t like to rush through books; I savor them, as i did with this book, which I spent a summer reading, and it was a very enjoyable time. I looked forward to reading this book at the end of each day, eager to know about the mysteries that awaited. Brian Freeman did a hell of a job employing twists and turns without confusing the reader, and his ability to intertwine these characters was immaculate.

This book was a great addition to my library. I am not much of a mystery person, but this book made it into my library.

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Book Review: The Giver by Lois Lowry

This is, by far, one of the best and thought-provoking books in the young-adult and fiction genre. There are a plethora of books published about perfect worlds and societies, where change is unacceptable and cookie-cutter human beings have become part of forced living communities, as a result of the leadership’s fear of human will and their determination to right the wrong courses society had taken in the past. The giver is one of them, but unlike the many that surround it, it stands out as one of my top picks for meaningful and thought-provoking books appropriate for young adults and the young-adult genre.

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The book is centered around Jonas, a young boy who lives within a community of perfect individuals and families, void of sickness and differences, where, although, it is all they know, society is not actually what it seems.

Jonas’ curiosity throws him in the path of his mother and the chief elder, which spirals his life into a bubble of questions, revelations, and a thought-provoking analysis of his community and his life.

Once meeting The Giver, an older man who lives outside of the realm of Jonas’ community, he is faced with the reality of the “perfect” society in which he lives and is enlightened to the realm of possibilities that exist outside of the rules set in place by the elder community.

The Giver, which is the holder of all the memories associated with the community, walks a fine line between accepting his responsibility as the keeper of all these memories, advising the elders on their decisions, and exploring the possibility that maybe these memories are rightfully belonging to the members of this censored community.

I recommend this book to all individuals aged 12 and older, and for more context, I would recommend also watching the movie after you’ve read the book, as it does cast some critically acclaimed and academy award winning actors as well. This is my review on The Giver, and you can find this review posted on my LeafMarks, BookLikes, GoodReads, and BookBlogging profiles soon.

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Update: C.J. Leger LeafMarks Librarian

We love to keep you up to date with our accomplishments and expansions, so we are updating the status of C.J Leger’s online presence. As of February 26, C.J. Leger has expanded her online activities to include the titles of:

  • Professional Reader and Book Reviewer on NetGalley
  • LeafMarks Librarian

Currently C.J. Leger can be connected with via the following portals:

C.J. Leger will continue to review books here and on all of her reading networks and bring prepublication reviews, as well as updating the LeafMarks book database and networking with publishers for galleys.

-Katherine Satterthwaite


My List of Book Promoting Services

Most of the the entries on this list were discovered through my Twitter network. I am currently working on a novel, and I often look for services that promote new authors. I figured I’d pass on the research I’ve done, so without further ado, here’s my list of new author and book promotion services and a little bit about them. (Don’t have time to read? Watch the video on my YouTube Channel)

Buzz Bookstore

Buzz Bookstore is a different type of venue if you’re looking for book promotions. The individual running this website mainly discovers and collects rare and vintage books, some even from the early 1800s and 1700s. Recently they’ve opened up a portal for the promotion of new authors. You can contact them through their website, and they’re mainly looking for books that fit into their readership an audience. So keep in mind, that the audience that will be following Buzz Bookstore are individuals who are looking for old books, vintage books, rare books, and classics. I can’t quite say exactly what their audience consists of, but I think it may be a fair guess to say that those in the historical novel genre or nonfiction genres may fit in.

Book Tweeters

Book Tweeters has a very fairly priced package variety for individuals trying to promote their books. The packages range of between $19 and $75, between one and five days of book promotion via tweets. Their main platform for promotion is Twitter, and they do not accept erotica books or books that include hate speeches or content.

eBooks Habit

eBook Habit only accepts submissions for books that are currently free or going to be free in the future. This is a great service for authors are trying to promote their book via a free sale, and if you submit your book on time with the proper details it may be listed on the site near the day when you will be running your free sale. The service does not accept erotica books. All books submitted must have at least three reviews at the time of your promotion/sale, and all books will be verified to prove that they are being offered for free.

Being Author

Being author has amazing book promotion packages, some raging from just $9.90. If you follow the link you’ll be taken to a page where you can input the title of your book, the links to your book, the links to your website, your Twitter handle, your book blurb, which is a short post about the book which will be featured on their website, and your author bio along with a photo of you. Last time I checked, their package is good for 30 days. Their website also includes various tweets to them from other authors, one of which included a thank you for getting their book to be a number one bestseller on Amazon.

Ebook Promotor

E-book promoter, as I understand it, exclusively promotes e-books. They currently only have four slots left on their promotion sign up. Their page claims to reach 350,000 people via various promotional forces such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. There breakdown is as follows in regards to the number of people they reach per service:

  • Twitter | 61,000
  • Facebook | 205,000
  • LinkedIn | 320,000

The service will also promote your book on Facebook  top 10 book promotion pages.

And that’s a short list of some of the book promotion services I’ve come across through my Twitter network, which I decided to share with all of you, because I know that most of my readers are also writers and it’s very hard to find good book promotion services at a great price. I hope this helps you out a bit, and remember where you heard it from, and stay tuned because my next blog will be about services that gain you more Twitter followers and one for services that will garner you some book reviews!