Why Remembering 9/11 is A Duty we Choose to Uphold

Photograph: Henryk T Kaiser /Rex Features

Photograph: Henryk T Kaiser /Rex Features

Remembering the events of this tragic day has been considered counter productive by some who do not reside in tri-state area, because they feel our enemies win when we show pain. But in reality, our remembrance of those occurrences are far from the goal of presenting a face of strength to our enemies, as it is simply a show of respect, made to thousands of people who died before ever knowing why, how we would avenge them, and how many people would die after to preserve their memory, way of life and the freedom of those they left behind

A prime example of this was shown by many New Yorkers and visitors on 9/11, when they refused to leave the site of the attacks while the buildings were burning, solely because they refused to leave those men and women, who jumped from the heights of hell, to put an end to their suffering. At that moment, knowing why or how was not important to those “anchors” who stopped and took in the immense sorrow and weight of these events, with courage and determination, simply to be a source of support to these strangers they knew not the day before; the infamous “Jumpers”, were that day, their family.

“I will not leave you”

The amount of human spirit required to watch people die and not turn away, in a show of sheer appreciation for their role not being nearly as sacrificial as that of those they were there to support, is not comparable to anything else. In essence, it was felt as a responsibility of those onlookers to stay and say “I will NOT leave you”. And that is the same attitude with which we remember these people each year. For 364 days a year, the United States is torn between those who believe in the conspiracy of the matter, those who don’t, those for the war, those against it and so many others; but on this one day a year, everyone stops their quarrels and reside their mind in remembrance. All of this as though to say, “I will not leave you regardless of who hates us, disagrees with us or is against us. We will not let you fall into the world of the forgotten”.


That alone is the reason we do this. This is the reason these events have stayed fresh in our minds and have adhered to our way of life in everything we do. For many, understanding our need to do this is not something they can do. But simply put, so what! It was not on your front door that the world came to an end and peace was turned into a world of death, destruction and pain. You did not spend days, weeks, months on end searching for a loved one you knew would not come home, but refused to accept were dead. It was not you who walked down endless city street blocks witnessing tons of flyers of “missing” people, placed there by family. And finally, it is not you who stares into a skyline void of anything familiar; or you who picked up any of the pieces afterwards. So it should not be you, to have a say in the matter of when, why or how we choose to remember this tragedy. It is our everyday.


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