The Red Fort – Was a Symbol of Ancient Supremacy



The Red Fort was built with red sandstone and has certainly endured over time.

Emperor Shah Jahan commissioned the Red Fort in 1638 who was the Monarch of the Mughal. It was completed in 1648 and remained as the primary residence of the empire until 1857 when the British took control.

Shah Jahan was responsible for the Moti Masjid and many other buildings in Agra, Jama Masjid in Delhi, mosques in Lahore, extensions to Lahore Fort and a mosque in Thatta also commemorate him. The incredible Peacock Throne that was embedded with precious stones, gold and upholstered with the best silks is said to be worth millions of dollars by modern estimates, was also during his reign.

The Red Fort was the symbol of supremacy; arguably the Mughal Empire was the wealthiest in the world in its time. This structure not only housed the royal family it was also where…

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