Walmart’s HP-15 f023wm Touchscreen Laptop Review

If you’ve been looking for a cheap laptop and landed across Walmart’s $369 HP-15 model, please keep looking. Before I continue, here are the model specs:

  • Black HP 15-f023wm
  • Intel Celeron N2920 Processor max 2GHz
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Touchscreen

Okay, now we can continue; this computer is not a good buy for anyone looking to multitask doing anything.


This computer moves like an outdated AMD model even tough it’s equipped with Intel tech; the problem is the processor model. It only runs at a maximum of 2GHz, but majorly runs on a 1.8 GHz speed, which is like a tortoise.

You’ll find that the CPU is often running at 90-100% in the red, which is not good. This basically means this computer was not built to handle the modern world, and compared to earlier computer models, is really a disappointment from a leading brand. Three or four years ago Acer dished out the Aspire model and it was a champ, still moving faster than this one today.

“If your CPU is running at 100% most of the time out of the box, then forget about installing or running more programs at a time later. Run for the hills.”


The touchscreen on this computer is very responsive, and with good reason; the touch pad is not. The touchpad is heavy on recognition and it feels like you are dragging a 10 ton pointer when you move it around, its so reluctant.

The touchscreen responds well, however, on some apps or webpages, where you need to swipe left or right, it may send you back to the previous application in use, as one of the touch commands is swiping right to return to the previous app.


Your ram is not an issue. This model comes with what is considered a standard ram size of 4 GB. Remember, your processor is your slowest daemon here.

Keyboard and Mouse Clicker

Well, if you were looking for an easy experience, this isn’t it. These keys are horrendously recessed, which makes it harder to tap the key you want without either tapping 2 keys, the wrong key, or the border around the keys. The spacing is also off, and it makes it harder to type without looking.

The mouse clickers are toooooooo hard. They require quite a bit of pressure to make your selections and the right click is even harder.


Do not purchase this computer. I understand the price is great, however, you will be paying for it later. This computer is too slow to use in 2014, this processor is subpar with only 1.8GHz working for you. This is not a good buy; its design is inconvenient and if your CPU is running at 100% most of the time out of the box, then forget about installing or running more programs at a time later. Run for the hills.



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