Promotion Opportunities

We do not run ads, we promote through our content or via a sidebar mention. If you would like for a link to your site, profile, or blog to be included in on of our posts, RELEVANT to your genre, occupation, recent posts… email us at:

[AUTHORS: aside from our Author Spotlight section which is free, we also offer sidebar promotional services of your book at a low cost. We would need a photo link of your book. Inquire for more details.]

Promotion Example: We offer sidebar mentions with the title of your blog, link and short description of it. You may include your Twitter handle.

Alternately, you can choose a content link mention. For example, in a post discussing classic books, we could include a link to you within the text, such as we’ve done above, that would be relevant to the topic. If you have a topic in mind that is relevant to our readers, include it in your email as a submission request, we can tailor posts to be relevant to your link so long as it is within our realm and our reader’s realm of interest. Otherwise, just email us, include the link and we will find a place to include it.


  • 1 link for 1 week  $20
  • 1 link for 10 days $30
  • 1 link for 2 weeks $4o


  • 1 link in a post $10
  • 2 links in separate or same posts $12



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