US News

January 26, 2015- Unidentified Drone Lands on the White House Lawn

Reports have surfaced concerning a device that reportedly landed on White House grounds.

January 26, 2015- Blizzard Set to Cripple Northeast

Resident in the north east can expect between 12 and 24 inches of snow, and winds reaching between 50 and 70 mph. Currently, 120,000 tons of salt have been set aside for New York City to deal with the situation.

November 24, 2014- LIVE: Ferguson Coverage Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

The grand jury reached a decision earlier today on whether or not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of teenage Michael Brown. We have live coverage streaming courtesy of 41 Action News. Jury will not indict

September 25, 2014- ISIS Makes Threat to Attack NYC and Paris Rail Lines

News has sourced that ISIS militants have made concerning, and credible, threats against the United States and France, in the form of an imminent attack on rail lines.

September 22, 2014- Woman Kills Mother of Two to Pass Children off as her Own

According to police reports, the motive for this murder was Catherine’s ex boyfriend, who left her because she allegedly faked a pregnancy.  Catherine in turn, lured Natalie to his home, where she planned to murder her and pass her two children off as her own.

September 16, 2014– US Plans to Send 3,000 Troops on Ebola Mission

The Obama Administration confirmed intentions to send 3,000 US troops to aid in the Ebola effort that has killed over 2,400 in Liberia and infected over 4,900. US troops will be supervising medical staff and the movement and handling of supplies. 5,000 body bags and 160,000 hazmat suits deployed to Liberia

September 14, 2014– Django Actress Daniele Watts Harassed by Police and Detained Mistaken for Prostitute

Actress Daniele Watts detained by Studio City Police, who believed her to be a prostitute soliciting her boyfriend Brian James Lucas. Many claim racial profiling was a factor as Watts is African American and Lucas is Caucasian.

September 12, 2014Why Remembering 9/11 is A Duty we Choose to Uphold

A response to why some states may not understand why this tragic day is fresh in the minds of those who experienced it, and why we choose to live daily with this in our hearts.

September 11, 201413th Anniversary of 9/11 Approaches

Memorial events take place in NYC, DC, and Pennsylvania as the 13th anniversary of 9/11 is remembered.


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