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Interview with Vanessa Wester, author of the Hybrid Series

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“Hybrid (The Evolution Trilogy)” by Vanessa Wester is a very original paranormal novel with great romance and a unique story line. It starts off as a regular University love story between Steven Thorn and Caitlin. They meet at her first day at a UK university and fall for each other. By allowing alternating viewpoints we get to feel for the characters and see the pure nature of their feelings for each other. Wester establishes also a few important side characters and gives enough time to the romance part before changing course and embarking on the paranormal part of the story. The latter is indeed quite unique and makes this book a welcome addition to the often predictable or repetitive helpings in the genre.
By opening the book with a mysterious prologue the author has already prepared us readers for some twists and the solid plot does not let us down.

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Book Promotion On Twitter? Time To Think Again | Just Publishing

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When it comes to Twitter, pay attention to what Derek says

Book Promotion On Twitter? Time To Think Again | Just Publishing.

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Micro-fiction 002 – Hybrid (Echoes series)

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