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Unidentified Drone Lands on the White House Lawn

whitehouseBreaking news from the White House. Reports have surfaced concerning a device that reportedly landed on White House grounds. The device is said to be a drone of sorts, and authorities are currently investigating the situation. According to White House spokespeople, the drone is not expected to be a matter of security concern.

Story will update as it develops

UPDATE- Secret Service is currently investigating the situation. Secret Service agents were seen illuminating a section of the White House lawn earlier today around 4 AM. The White House speaker has not divulged how large the device is, and did not specify whether or not it was a drone, but stated it was a “device” specifically

Blizzard Set to Cripple Northeast

A monster blizzard is heading towards 12 states in the northeast including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maine. Most of the storm is expected to bury New York City and Boston. According to weather analysis 50 million people will be affected by the storm, with 20 million in the closer states to the shoreline being most at risk.


Residents in the north east can expect between 12 and 24 inches of snow, and winds reaching between 50 and 70 mph. Currently, 120,000 tons of salt have been set aside for New York City to deal with the situation.

Airlines such as United and US airways have already made plans to halt flights on Tuesday, currently 3,500 flights have been canceled and the airlines are waving change fees.

The system has not developed off the coast yet with relatively light winds. Boston Providence and the Cape have expected winds of 60 to 70 mph.


Many have taken to Twitter to talk about the expected storm and the Weather Channel is actively monitoring it at their storm weather central.

Historic winter storm Juno has gone viral, and it is expected that its search ratings will skyrocket, as most individuals will stay home and monitor the weather online.


Residents in the north east are used to winter weather, however, with such a severe and historic storm heading their way they could use a bit of tips on how to prepare for the weather. Searches online for “winter weather preparations” have spike in the past four hours.

1. In the case of power outages, which are expected for this winter weather storm, residents should freeze water in relatively large containers such as Tupperware bowls and small buckets in their freezer. Should the power go out, the reserved ice in the containers will keep your food cold and frozen for quite some time.

2. As always prepare and purchase lighting systems such as lanterns and flashlights, make sure to have all appropriate batteries available for such lighting sources.

3. Keep walkways clear by shoveling often, after every few cm of accumulation. Remember that as the temperature goes down the effectiveness of melting salt is lowered. Starting with a clear walkway and adding salt will make it easier for the underlying salt to melt on-coming snow, reducing the amount of shoveling you’ll have to do.

4. If you have to drive make sure to take a pillow,  a blanket, gloves and warm clothing in case you get stuck in an area without nearby businesses or residential homes. Make sure to take large grain cat litter with you in your car, as it will help you gain traction if you get stuck in a slushy area.

5. Make sure all cell phones are charged in the home and that all tablets and laptops are fully charged for entertainment purposes later, in case the power does go out.


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LIVE: Ferguson Coverage Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

The grand jury reached a decision earlier today on whether or not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, for the killing of teenage Michael Brown. We have live coverage streaming courtesy of 41 Action News and the decision is set to be announced at 9:00pm Central Time.


The killing of Michael Brown struck a cord with the community of Ferguson, which sparked riots, tempered altercations with police, and a lingering sense of danger in the community. For the first time since the beating of Rodney King, the nation was drawn together in an attempt to shed light on the complicated relationship between citizens and police forces across the nation, where many believe police brutality is a severe issue.

Earlier today the Governor of Missouri issued a state of emergency allowing him to activate the National Guard for his community out of fear of further rioting, should the jury’s decision conclude with no charges filed.

Moreover, the family of Michael brown came forward with a message of peace and urging the community not to resort to violence in remembrance of their son.

City officials stated that every ounce of evidence was provided and shown to the jury in this case, and officer Darren Wilson officially stated he was acting in self defense when he shot and killed Brown. However, witnesses say the 17 year old was unarmed when the officer discharged his weapon and killed him.

The 12 jurors were chosen by the judge in May, before the actual events and the current demographics released indicate that 9 of the jurors are white and 3 are black.

It is important to remember that this is only an indictment announcement, which will decide whether of not officer Wilson will be charged with a crime; not a guilty or not guilty verdict.

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Air Canada Propeller Slices Through Fuselage & Passenger’s Head

“Air Canada flight from hell as wheel explodes on take off, plane crash lands and propeller slices through fuselage and into female passenger’s HEAD”

propellerThat is the headlining title on The Daily Mail today as an Air Canada flight accident leaves everyone wondering what went wrong. According to news reports, the flight was forced to make an unexpected crash landing as a result of a tire bursting while the plan was in takeoff. It was during the impact of the landing that disaster struck.

The plane’s landing gear collapsed and one of its propellers gashed through the cabin hitting Christina Kurylo in the head, some bystanders claim “she is lucky to be alive”.

There were other injuries on the plane, however, none as severe as Christinas. Three other passengers are reported to have been hospitalized with only minor injuries. The other 67 passengers and the the four crew members onboard were able to be treated directly at the scene, in Edmonton Alberta.

This is not the first time this plane model has had issues, a jazz aviation craft was grounded by Scandinavian Airlines into thousand and seven. It’s malfunctions include various faults and an apparent broken landing gear issue. According to reports between March 2007 and August 2008, there were six separate incidents reported regarding the jazz model plane around the world. Later on in January 2013 one of the wheels of the landing gear fell off of an Air Canada Jazz plane as it landed as well. However, the vice Pres. of Jazz Aviation, David Deveau, told CTV that the firm does not have any concerns regarding their aircraft.

Christina spoke to reporters stating:

“I am really lucky. It could have been a million times worse, I could have died, you know, you never know what could happen.”

Christina, who is a broadcaster at rock 97.7 Radio in Grand Prairie, Alberta, was accompanied on board the flight went by Melissa Menard, your colleagues.

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ISIS Makes Threat to Attack NYC and Paris Rail Lines

Picture courtesy of the Associated Press

Picture courtesy of the Associated Press

News has sourced that ISIS militants have made concerning, and credible, threats against the United States and France, in the form of an imminent attack on rail lines.

Sources in Iraq claim that the threats are credible and are targeting New York City subway systems as well as Parisian subway systems. The warnings came from Iraq’s Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi.

Abadi’s exact words were “I’m not sure”, in reference to whether or not these threats were imminent. He also confirmed that the suspected attack planners were foreign fighters that are members of ISIS; particularly US and French natives who defected to ISIS.

Abadi stated:

“They plan to have attacks in the metros of Paris and the U.S.,’ he added, speaking in English. ‘From the details I have received, yes it looks credible.”

“They are not Iraqis. Some of them are French, some of them are Americans. But they are in Iraq,”

According to the Prime Minister, his intelligence came from officials currently in Baghdad, who relayed him the messages this morning.

This news comes just days after the US and France ordered bomb strikes in Syria, targeting ISIS specifically. The President of Syria was warned about the attacks ahead of time, and told to seek refuge.

The strikes were targeted at high value targets of the Islamic State, particularly oil refineries now owned by ISIS; which yields approximately $2 million per day for the group. ISIS contracts expert engineers to extract thousands of oil barrels each day from sources in Iraq and Syria.

Read original story on the Daily Mail

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Woman Kills Mother of Two to Pass Children off as her Own

Thirty seven year old Catherine Goins is in police custody and being charged with murder, after plotting to kill a young mother and kidnap her two children, ages 3 weeks and 3 years.

The murder occurred last week at 227 Somketree Circle in Tennessee, where Catherine, originally of Hixon, lured 30 year old Natalie Roberts to the house of her ex boyfriend. Natalie, a Georgia resident, was supposed to meet Catherine at the home, where she believed she would be receiving baby clothes from Catherine for her 3 week old baby, but instead, was shot dead by Catherine.

According to police reports, the motive for this murder was Catherine’s ex boyfriend, who left her because she allegedly faked a pregnancy.  Catherine in turn, lured Natalie to his home, where she planned to murder her and pass her two children off as her own.

Autopsy reports show that Natalie was shot in the back of her head.

Catherine called the local police after the killing, and told them that she had heard noises in the home and thought there was an intruder inside. She claimed she instinctively grabbed a .380 caliber hand gun and shot Natalie.

In in a press conference, Gary Sisk of the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Department, dismantled her claim of innocence, confirming that Catherine had met Natalie on Friday and told her to come to the home. As they were both walking down a flight of stairs, Catherine pulled out her gun and shot her.

Catherine reportedly called her ex boyfriend, Tony Roberts and told him that she had shot and intruder in his home, not before attempting to clean up the crime scene. Tony then arrived at his home and found the body of Natalie Roberts and called 911. At this point, Catherine was fleeing with Natalie’s two children and he convinced her to return to the home.

Catherine was arrested on Tuesday and charged with:

  • Malice Murder
  • Felony Murder
  • Tampering with Evidence
  • Possession of a Firearm during the commission of a crime

Natalie’s two children are currently staying with family.

Special Needs Child Raped in Alabama Middle School After Being Baited by Teachers


A special needs student was reportedly raped in a bathroom at a middle school in Alabama. According to news reports, teachers at the middle school were concerned about a male student who was accused of sexually abusing other students in the bathrooms of the school.

Several attempts had been made to try and stop the male student by punishing him, however, without proof, the faculty was left with their hands tied.

Collectively, members of the faculty decided to stage an opportunity for the male student to be caught in the act and reprimanded. As part of the plan, the faculty recruited a special needs female to act as bait for the alleged sexual abuser, and instructed her to wait for the boy in a bathroom, where he was supposed to attempt to attack her, and they would rush in to aid her and catch him in the act.

However, while the child waited for the boy in one bathroom, the faculty waited outside a different bathroom, awaiting an opportunity to rush in. Unfortunately, the baited child was subsequently raped in the other bathroom where she waited to be saved.

According to reports submitted to Federal Court, a teacher’s aid, June Simpson, was approached with complaints of this male student having allegedly approached female students for sex, and succeeded in having sex with at least one student. She took the reports to Principal Ronnie Blair’s office, who did nothing about the situation.

Afterwards, June Simpson and Vice Principal Jeanne Dunaway conspired to have the special needs child used as bait, and asked to girl to wait in the bathroom for the boy, after she too had come forward with complaints about being sexually harassed by the boy.

After the incident had taken place, the principal responded that the special needs child was responsible for her own actions by going into that bathroom, even though she was convinced to do so by authority figures.

The family of the girl filed a federal case against the Madison County School Board in Alabama, claiming that the school district had violated Title IX of the specific law that cements the method in which school boards must respond to claims of sexual harassment.

However, in December, the Federal Court dismissed the case stating that the school board had not violated IX.

As of right now the Department of Justice and US Department of Education filed an amicus brief, which states their support for the girl’s family and that the using a child as bait for a rape violated IX

US Plans to Send 3,000 Troops on Ebola Mission

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Mail

Photo Courtesy of The Daily Mail

The US recently gave an update on their stand in regards to the worsening situation in Africa, where hundreds of civilians are dying of Ebola; sometimes just outside of a treatment center.

According to the Obama Administration, 3,000 troops will be deployed to the heart of the Ebola epidemic, Monrovia, Liberia, and will be aided by the the U.S. Africa Command in a newly formed Joint Force Command headquarter.

While Liberia is at the epicenter of the epidemic, other nations including Sierra Leon, Nigeria and Guinea are also suffering.


The exact mission of the US armed forces in Liberia is unclear, but it has been confirmed that the US will be acting as the lead force in the efforts, and will be assigned to protect and supervise any movement by medical staff, of heavy equipment and supplies; suggesting that their role is to control any civilian riots that may occur as a result of growing tensions with regards to lack of medical treatment for many suffering from the disease. The Pentagon has also released a statement about their intentions to provide resources for the temporary construction of a 25-bed hospital in the danger zone, but is meant for the treatment of its personnel and that of the medical staff.

There are concerns about US troops patrolling the area, causing riots and tension within Liberia and its bordering nations.

As of right now the DOD has stated that the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps will be sending 65 clinicians, administrators and support staff to manage the running of the 25-bed facility. Last week however, the DOD stated that the facility would be turned over to the Liberian government after it was built, confirming that the US is in deed taking a lead position in the efforts now.

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail

Photo Courtesy of the Daily Mail

USAID has also purchased 5,000 body bags and 160,000 hazmat suits,  to be shipped to Liberia for the mission. As of right now, Ebola has infected 4,900 civilians and killed 2,400; many of which were from Liberia. Officials on both sides are warning personnel not to travel across borders to prevent further coming into contact with the disease. Ebola is a type of hemorrhagic fever which is transferred through contact with bodily fluids like blood, saliva and sweat. The preparations for burial in Liberia often require contact with the bodies of the dead, spreading the disease more.

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Django Actress Daniele Watts Harassed by Police and Detained Mistaken for Prostitute

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

LOS ANGELES- News surfaced yesterday, regarding an incident with the Studio City Police and actress Daniele Watts. Watts, who starred in the award winning film Django along side Jaime Fox, was reportedly kissing her husband in Hollywood when police were called to a report of indecent exposure.

A racial tension has been created because of the event, as Watts is African American and her boyfriend, Brian James Lucas, is a Caucasian man; it is believed that because of this, police reportedly believed that Lucas was engaging in licit transactions with a prostitute, and were responding to the call as such.

According to the records relating to the call, police were dispatched to investigate a reported incident of indecent exposure, but instead began harassing the couple; accusing Ms. Watts of being a prostitute and soliciting in the area.

When police began questioning the matter, Watts was on her cell phone speaking with her father and walked away from the incident, believing that they must have been speaking to someone else in the vicinity. It was then that one of the officers grabbed Watts and handcuffed her, cutting her wrist in the process.

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

Courtesy of The Daily Mail

Pictures were taken at the scene and Lucas began to post on his Facebook wall, about the horrendous treatment that his girlfriend was receiving. When police asked for his ID and he willingly presented it to them, but when Ms. Watts was asked for hers, she refused. It was then that police forcefully shoved Watts into the back of their patrol car and began questioning Lucas on whether or not he truly knew the woman. Lucas wrote:

“So they handcuffed her and threw her roughly into the back of the cop car until they could figure out who she was. In the process of handcuffing her, they cut her wrist, which was truly NOT COOL!!! Of course, they had to let her go eventually cuz we weren’t a threat to anyone.”

Watts also spoke out about the even posting:

“Today I was handcuffed and detained by 2 police officers from the Studio City Police Department after refusing to agree that I had done something wrong by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place,”

Eventually the police officers released both Lucas and Watts, and Watts has recently come forward to say a few words on thee situation.

“As I was sitting in the back of the police car, I remembered the countless times my father came home frustrated or humiliated by the cops when he had done nothing wrong.”

“I allowed myself to be honest about my anger, frustration, and rage as tears flowed from my eyes. The tears I cry for a country that calls itself ‘the land of the free and the home of the brave’ and yet detains people for claiming that very right.”

Many are claiming that the LAPD has been engaging in racial profiling practices and that this is just one of the many accounts that have produced complaints from the public. The LAPD stated that they would launch an internal investigation on the matter, but continue to support the officers’ actions.

Original article on The Daily Mail
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Why Remembering 9/11 is A Duty we Choose to Uphold

Photograph: Henryk T Kaiser /Rex Features

Photograph: Henryk T Kaiser /Rex Features

Remembering the events of this tragic day has been considered counter productive by some who do not reside in tri-state area, because they feel our enemies win when we show pain. But in reality, our remembrance of those occurrences are far from the goal of presenting a face of strength to our enemies, as it is simply a show of respect, made to thousands of people who died before ever knowing why, how we would avenge them, and how many people would die after to preserve their memory, way of life and the freedom of those they left behind

A prime example of this was shown by many New Yorkers and visitors on 9/11, when they refused to leave the site of the attacks while the buildings were burning, solely because they refused to leave those men and women, who jumped from the heights of hell, to put an end to their suffering. At that moment, knowing why or how was not important to those “anchors” who stopped and took in the immense sorrow and weight of these events, with courage and determination, simply to be a source of support to these strangers they knew not the day before; the infamous “Jumpers”, were that day, their family.

“I will not leave you”

The amount of human spirit required to watch people die and not turn away, in a show of sheer appreciation for their role not being nearly as sacrificial as that of those they were there to support, is not comparable to anything else. In essence, it was felt as a responsibility of those onlookers to stay and say “I will NOT leave you”. And that is the same attitude with which we remember these people each year. For 364 days a year, the United States is torn between those who believe in the conspiracy of the matter, those who don’t, those for the war, those against it and so many others; but on this one day a year, everyone stops their quarrels and reside their mind in remembrance. All of this as though to say, “I will not leave you regardless of who hates us, disagrees with us or is against us. We will not let you fall into the world of the forgotten”.


That alone is the reason we do this. This is the reason these events have stayed fresh in our minds and have adhered to our way of life in everything we do. For many, understanding our need to do this is not something they can do. But simply put, so what! It was not on your front door that the world came to an end and peace was turned into a world of death, destruction and pain. You did not spend days, weeks, months on end searching for a loved one you knew would not come home, but refused to accept were dead. It was not you who walked down endless city street blocks witnessing tons of flyers of “missing” people, placed there by family. And finally, it is not you who stares into a skyline void of anything familiar; or you who picked up any of the pieces afterwards. So it should not be you, to have a say in the matter of when, why or how we choose to remember this tragedy. It is our everyday.