Guest Author Submission

C. J. Leger is always open to reading blog articles by other writers with a unique voice. Use the submission form below to contact the editor, and receive information on how to get your submission posted.  Your name will appear alongside the article and will be featured in the Guest Post and other relevant category. It is also a great way to put yourself out there.


Do not submit your article in the contact information form. Your inquiries will be answered with instructions on how to proceed if chosen. We do not accept articles that are featured on other websites or articles written by other people, other than the requesting party. We reserve the right to refuse any submissions with excessive vulgar language, highly offensive text, and or poor quality. Submissions must be revised according to the specifications of the editor in order to be placed on the site. Along with any chosen submissions, will appear the name, website, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media links associated with the author. Submissions are unpaid and are the expressed opinions and views of their writers, not C. J. Leger, or this site.

© C. J. Leger September 11, 2014


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