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Blizzard Set to Cripple Northeast

A monster blizzard is heading towards 12 states in the northeast including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maine. Most of the storm is expected to bury New York City and Boston. According to weather analysis 50 million people will be affected by the storm, with 20 million in the closer states to the shoreline being most at risk.


Residents in the north east can expect between 12 and 24 inches of snow, and winds reaching between 50 and 70 mph. Currently, 120,000 tons of salt have been set aside for New York City to deal with the situation.

Airlines such as United and US airways have already made plans to halt flights on Tuesday, currently 3,500 flights have been canceled and the airlines are waving change fees.

The system has not developed off the coast yet with relatively light winds. Boston Providence and the Cape have expected winds of 60 to 70 mph.


Many have taken to Twitter to talk about the expected storm and the Weather Channel is actively monitoring it at their storm weather central.

Historic winter storm Juno has gone viral, and it is expected that its search ratings will skyrocket, as most individuals will stay home and monitor the weather online.


Residents in the north east are used to winter weather, however, with such a severe and historic storm heading their way they could use a bit of tips on how to prepare for the weather. Searches online for “winter weather preparations” have spike in the past four hours.

1. In the case of power outages, which are expected for this winter weather storm, residents should freeze water in relatively large containers such as Tupperware bowls and small buckets in their freezer. Should the power go out, the reserved ice in the containers will keep your food cold and frozen for quite some time.

2. As always prepare and purchase lighting systems such as lanterns and flashlights, make sure to have all appropriate batteries available for such lighting sources.

3. Keep walkways clear by shoveling often, after every few cm of accumulation. Remember that as the temperature goes down the effectiveness of melting salt is lowered. Starting with a clear walkway and adding salt will make it easier for the underlying salt to melt on-coming snow, reducing the amount of shoveling you’ll have to do.

4. If you have to drive make sure to take a pillow,  a blanket, gloves and warm clothing in case you get stuck in an area without nearby businesses or residential homes. Make sure to take large grain cat litter with you in your car, as it will help you gain traction if you get stuck in a slushy area.

5. Make sure all cell phones are charged in the home and that all tablets and laptops are fully charged for entertainment purposes later, in case the power does go out.


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