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Air Canada Propeller Slices Through Fuselage & Passenger’s Head

“Air Canada flight from hell as wheel explodes on take off, plane crash lands and propeller slices through fuselage and into female passenger’s HEAD”

propellerThat is the headlining title on The Daily Mail today as an Air Canada flight accident leaves everyone wondering what went wrong. According to news reports, the flight was forced to make an unexpected crash landing as a result of a tire bursting while the plan was in takeoff. It was during the impact of the landing that disaster struck.

The plane’s landing gear collapsed and one of its propellers gashed through the cabin hitting Christina Kurylo in the head, some bystanders claim “she is lucky to be alive”.

There were other injuries on the plane, however, none as severe as Christinas. Three other passengers are reported to have been hospitalized with only minor injuries. The other 67 passengers and the the four crew members onboard were able to be treated directly at the scene, in Edmonton Alberta.

This is not the first time this plane model has had issues, a jazz aviation craft was grounded by Scandinavian Airlines into thousand and seven. It’s malfunctions include various faults and an apparent broken landing gear issue. According to reports between March 2007 and August 2008, there were six separate incidents reported regarding the jazz model plane around the world. Later on in January 2013 one of the wheels of the landing gear fell off of an Air Canada Jazz plane as it landed as well. However, the vice Pres. of Jazz Aviation, David Deveau, told CTV that the firm does not have any concerns regarding their aircraft.

Christina spoke to reporters stating:

“I am really lucky. It could have been a million times worse, I could have died, you know, you never know what could happen.”

Christina, who is a broadcaster at rock 97.7 Radio in Grand Prairie, Alberta, was accompanied on board the flight went by Melissa Menard, your colleagues.

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