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Special Needs Child Raped in Alabama Middle School After Being Baited by Teachers


A special needs student was reportedly raped in a bathroom at a middle school in Alabama. According to news reports, teachers at the middle school were concerned about a male student who was accused of sexually abusing other students in the bathrooms of the school.

Several attempts had been made to try and stop the male student by punishing him, however, without proof, the faculty was left with their hands tied.

Collectively, members of the faculty decided to stage an opportunity for the male student to be caught in the act and reprimanded. As part of the plan, the faculty recruited a special needs female to act as bait for the alleged sexual abuser, and instructed her to wait for the boy in a bathroom, where he was supposed to attempt to attack her, and they would rush in to aid her and catch him in the act.

However, while the child waited for the boy in one bathroom, the faculty waited outside a different bathroom, awaiting an opportunity to rush in. Unfortunately, the baited child was subsequently raped in the other bathroom where she waited to be saved.

According to reports submitted to Federal Court, a teacher’s aid, June Simpson, was approached with complaints of this male student having allegedly approached female students for sex, and succeeded in having sex with at least one student. She took the reports to Principal Ronnie Blair’s office, who did nothing about the situation.

Afterwards, June Simpson and Vice Principal Jeanne Dunaway conspired to have the special needs child used as bait, and asked to girl to wait in the bathroom for the boy, after she too had come forward with complaints about being sexually harassed by the boy.

After the incident had taken place, the principal responded that the special needs child was responsible for her own actions by going into that bathroom, even though she was convinced to do so by authority figures.

The family of the girl filed a federal case against the Madison County School Board in Alabama, claiming that the school district had violated Title IX of the specific law that cements the method in which school boards must respond to claims of sexual harassment.

However, in December, the Federal Court dismissed the case stating that the school board had not violated IX.

As of right now the Department of Justice and US Department of Education filed an amicus brief, which states their support for the girl’s family and that the using a child as bait for a rape violated IX