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LIVE: Ferguson Coverage Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

The grand jury reached a decision earlier today on whether or not to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, for the killing of teenage Michael Brown. We have live coverage streaming courtesy of 41 Action News and the decision is set to be announced at 9:00pm Central Time.


The killing of Michael Brown struck a cord with the community of Ferguson, which sparked riots, tempered altercations with police, and a lingering sense of danger in the community. For the first time since the beating of Rodney King, the nation was drawn together in an attempt to shed light on the complicated relationship between citizens and police forces across the nation, where many believe police brutality is a severe issue.

Earlier today the Governor of Missouri issued a state of emergency allowing him to activate the National Guard for his community out of fear of further rioting, should the jury’s decision conclude with no charges filed.

Moreover, the family of Michael brown came forward with a message of peace and urging the community not to resort to violence in remembrance of their son.

City officials stated that every ounce of evidence was provided and shown to the jury in this case, and officer Darren Wilson officially stated he was acting in self defense when he shot and killed Brown. However, witnesses say the 17 year old was unarmed when the officer discharged his weapon and killed him.

The 12 jurors were chosen by the judge in May, before the actual events and the current demographics released indicate that 9 of the jurors are white and 3 are black.

It is important to remember that this is only an indictment announcement, which will decide whether of not officer Wilson will be charged with a crime; not a guilty or not guilty verdict.

©C. J. Leger November 24, 2014