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ISIS Makes Threat to Attack NYC and Paris Rail Lines

Picture courtesy of the Associated Press

Picture courtesy of the Associated Press

News has sourced that ISIS militants have made concerning, and credible, threats against the United States and France, in the form of an imminent attack on rail lines.

Sources in Iraq claim that the threats are credible and are targeting New York City subway systems as well as Parisian subway systems. The warnings came from Iraq’s Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi.

Abadi’s exact words were “I’m not sure”, in reference to whether or not these threats were imminent. He also confirmed that the suspected attack planners were foreign fighters that are members of ISIS; particularly US and French natives who defected to ISIS.

Abadi stated:

“They plan to have attacks in the metros of Paris and the U.S.,’ he added, speaking in English. ‘From the details I have received, yes it looks credible.”

“They are not Iraqis. Some of them are French, some of them are Americans. But they are in Iraq,”

According to the Prime Minister, his intelligence came from officials currently in Baghdad, who relayed him the messages this morning.

This news comes just days after the US and France ordered bomb strikes in Syria, targeting ISIS specifically. The President of Syria was warned about the attacks ahead of time, and told to seek refuge.

The strikes were targeted at high value targets of the Islamic State, particularly oil refineries now owned by ISIS; which yields approximately $2 million per day for the group. ISIS contracts expert engineers to extract thousands of oil barrels each day from sources in Iraq and Syria.

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Jihadi John Kills Another Hostage as Isis Continues Reign of Terror

Picture courtesy of The Daily Mail

Picture courtesy of The Daily Mail

IRAQ- New video footage has emerged depicting another beheading by ISIS. Jihadi John, the man suspected of being the executioner behind the mask of James Foley’s and Steven Sotloff’s executions earlier this year, is seen again beheading British nationalist David Haines; a journalist who was kidnapped from Syria last year.

In the video, Mr. Haines reads a forced statement, which condemns the actions of US ally, Great Britain; and addresses the British Prime Minister David Cameron directly. In his statement he says “David Cameron, I hold you entirely responsible for my Execution”.

The British Prime Minister has already responded to the video, in a tweet he sent earlier today where he writes:

“The murder of David Haines is an act of pure evil. My heart goes out to his family who have shown extraordinary courage and fortitude.”

He sends another tweet two minutes later which read:

“We will do everything in our power to hint down these murderers and ensure they face justice, however long it takes.”

The President of the United States also released a statement where he condemns the actions of The Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria, which read:

“The United States strongly condemns the barbaric murder of UK citizen David Haines by the terrorist group Isil.

Our hearts go out to the family of Mr Haines and to the people of the United Kingdom. The United States stands shoulder to shoulder tonight with our close friend and ally in grief and resolve.

We will work with the United Kingdom and a broad coalition of nations from the region and around the world to bring the perpetrators of this outrageous act to justice, and to degrade and destroy this threat to the people of our countries, the region and the world.”

In the prepared statement, David Haines says that the current Prime Minister entered voluntarily into a conflict against the Islamic State alongside the United States, and makes a stab at Tony Blair stating that Cameron’s actions are repetitive of Blair’s, in reference to when he supported the US in the war against terror.

The video came after just a few hours of Haines’ family making a direct plea to ISIS, where they address the fact that the militant group had failed to make contact with them in regards to Haines’ capture. The family came forward late Friday afternoon and stated:

“We are the family of David Haines.

We have sent messages to you to which we have not received a reply. We are asking those holding David to make contact with us.”

Later that same night, ISIS posted the video of the beheading at 10:15 pm. His family was seemingly unaware that he had been brutally murdered when the video went viral.

After the beheading, the masked executioner believed to be Jihadi John, a rapper from the UK who defected to ISIS in the past year, has another man brought out and shown to the camera, in the same manner that Sotloff was brought out during Foley’s execution, and he threatens that another Briton will be killed soon.

Recent news suggest that British special forces are close to confirming the identity of the executioner and capturing him, based on trusted intel.

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