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Review: Just Be Cool on The Public Blogger

I came across one of my favorite blogs, The Public Blogger, after getting a tweet notification. The title of their post on October 3rd was “just be cool”. Simple words that can evoke a powerful enough restraint in pickling circumstances. The article I read by Kendall F. Person, takes us through the settings of Quentin Tarantino’s acclaimed film, Pulp Fiction and engrossed the concept of “just be cool” in that era and applies it to modern day personal triumph of our own pride.

Telling someone to just be cool in the 80s or 90s would have garnered their attention as the term was better understood then, these days it seems we’ve forgotten that the little things are often not worth creating two tons of drama over. Teenagers are actively killing each other over nothing more than a Facebook comment, and parents are murdering entire households over custody battles and stressing situations. “Just be cool” seems to have lost its meaning. But that’s only because we have forgotten how to pick our battles.

There was a time when people understood that they had to choose their battles carefully, because they could not win them all and thus, would have to risk their losses on something that really mattered. These days society is conditioned to believe they can have it all, everything, however they want it. The world has no boundaries they say. So, teenagers want all of the freedom of speech without any of the criticism in their comment streams because “they can have it all, no conditions”. Drivers want to cut people off, speed, and drive recklessly without being cutoff themselves or given a ticket because “they can have it all, no conditions”.

This his breeds a culture of people who have no concept of boundaries or what just be cool means. But can we change that? Yes. Hear the words, say them, and deep down understand that jumping off the deep end just because someone said something you don’t like is a lose lose situation. Life deals blows and blessings equally, there is no such thing as “you can have it all”.

The term “just be cool” to me symbolizes a person’s ability to tell themselves that the world and the universe is a much bigger place than they could ever try to wrangle, and that sometimes for the sake of us all, turning the other cheek means you’ll have a tomorrow to look forward to.