Catch up with the latest books I’m reading and projects I’m working on.

March 07, 2015- Introducing Documentary Reviews

Our first review will be on “The Search for Michael Rockefeller”, a story that has lived in a cloud of mystery, awe and disbelief around the world. After the launch of such riveting new facts and footage, it is astounding to find the Michael may have very well been alive 8 years after his disappearance in New Guinea. Our review and coverage will shed light on this forgotten tale of cannibalism, tragedy, and abandonment.

March 01, 2015- Author Brian Freeman liked Our Review on Immoral!

We recently did a review on Immoral and posted it to our Twitter page, and that very same day Author Brian Freeman and his lovely wife read our review and liked our post. I was more than humbled when he took the time to retweeted it.

February 26, 2014- Update: C.J. Leger LeafMarks Librarian

As of February 26, C.J. Leger has expanded her online activities to include the titles of:

  • Professional Reader and Book Reviewer on NetGalley
  • LeafMarks Librarian…

February 2, 1015- Current Read Prepublication: Rome’s Revolution by Richard Alston

I have the prepublication uncorrected copy, which I will be reading and posting a review about here and on NetGalley. The book is set for publication in June of this year. Stay tuned.

January 28, 2015- Current Read: Isabella the Warrior Queen

Retailing at $35, I’m hoping for this book to be everything I envision; a strong portrayal of a woman who steps into the role of a King and leads the greatest kingdom the world had ever seen.



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