Opinion Pieces

January 30, 2015- 5 Classic Books Everyone Should Read

Books are a constant in my life. They are source of knowledge that can serve to teach generations for centuries to come. While some books seem to be a very entertaining past time for a specific timeframe, other books make it into the realm of timelessness, becoming classics forever.

November 14, 2014- The Achilles Heel of Business Owners

Your employment opportunity is set to a certain degree of demand. Most employees will go above and beyond to make sure things to your benefit get done. But they still get paid the same amount for more effort; and its all to your benefit, not theirs.

September 14, 2014- Ethics vs Religious Morality: Which Prevails in a Perfect World?

A discussion of whether religion or the sole law of ethics, would prevail in a Utopian society; for that is often religiously moral is not what is ethical. It all depends on the religion, whereas ethics is universal.

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